Elrond Blocks is a fine residence complex for the most loyal fans of the Elrond blockchain.
We have built an exclusive place for 40 of the blockchain enthusiasts where they can become neighbors and form a close, tight community.
Each one gets his private space in the 4 blocks, on one of the 10 levels.

Become a resident today!


Q4-21. Level 1 – Imagine ✔️

First step was imagining the Elrond logo shaping up, gaining volume and height and transforming into something else…

You get one flat image with the 4 blocks and your floor of choice with lights switched on. This is your primary ticket on the road to full ownership and becoming a Resident.

Listing cost of NFT ranges from 0.16 to 1.09 EGLD.

Q2/3-22. Level 2 – Conceive ✔️

Next stage is turning the idea into a model. A 3Dimensional representation of that imagination comes to life pushing the Blocks one step closer to a more realistic visual rendering.

AirDropping a snapshot NFT of the view from their floor to all current BLOCKS Residents.

Launched a series of 40x unique 3D models of animated NFTs showcasing each floor in the 4 blocks.

Listing cost of NFT ranges from 1.16 to 2.09 EGLD.

Q1-23. Level 3 – Explore

Teleporting the Residents inside the floor they own and giving them the chance to explore the space in real time. The conceptual evolves into factual. You can look around and tour the 3D virtual space inside the Blocks.

More information will follow

Q2/323. Level 4 – Undefined


Hint: one step closer to the Metaverse

How it works

Buying-in at each stage of the project and HODLing the NFTs will give you the possibility to become the Owner of the 3D space.

You will be able to get the Owner status of one space only by holding all issued NFTs for that floor.

Building truly great things takes hard work, patience, and determination. Stick with us along the road and you will own and experience something unique.

Level 1 NFT ✔️

Resident application

Level 2.1 NFT (Airdrop) ✔️

Resident confirmation

Level 2.2 NFT ✔️

Resident Role assigned

Level 3 NFT

Owner application

Level 4.1 NFT

Owner confirmation

Level 4.2 NFT

Owner Role assigned

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Resident 303



Resident 109

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